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PrAN's 3rd International Conference & Workshop

March 9 - 12, 2020

Ayobo-Lagos, Nigeria


"I came to the conference for knowledge and to discover how pragmatic scholarship can enhance public policy formulation, implementation and feedback systems in the development of sustainable cities in Nigeria. The outcome of the conference was to large extent rewarding. "I have been attending conferences and workshops but this one stands out. It is a clear indication that Pragmatics is entrenched in Nigeria. The keynote paper was exhaustive and incisive. Thank to Prof. Odebunmi for providing the needed leadership. Also appreciates the LOC for the 5 Star organisation."

Dr. Sokari Stanley

NPrA Conference Participant

"Bowen experience has opened up a new frontier for me in researching, teaching and learning Pragmatics. The depth of knowledge experience unfolded by different lecturers was mind-blowing. Meeting my former classmates and Mentors was the icing on the cake. A huge thanks to the Bowen family - their organisational competence is enviable. I can't wait to get to Anchor in 2020"

Abiodun Jombadi (PhD)

Participant at Bowen 2019 Conference

"Participation in NPrA organised programmes has greatly impacted me in my research endeavours and professional life. I am very proud to be a member of this noble association."

James Akinola (PhD)


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